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Kempf Fitness Professional

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The Perfect Online Personal Training Experience

The Kfitnesspro mission is to help you identify your goals, design a comprehensive exercise and nutrition program that fits your needs, and then safely guide you through every step of the online training process. This fully interactive coaching system and healthy community of like minds will have you feeling confident, supported, and seeing results in no time.

With your dedicated coach to provide you continual guidance and accountability, the private community group for support and motivation, and the mobile app to easily deliver your program, you have the absolute best chance possible to achieve your total mind and body transformation. 

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How Online Personal Training Works

Easy Onboarding

Once you sign up, you will receive an onboarding questionnaire to help me understand your goals, needs, and lifestyle preferences. After you have completed the required forms and assessments, you will be able to book our first coaching call where we will finish setting up and reviewing your program together.

Customized Exercise Program

I will design you a customized exercise program that you can access through the mobile app from anywhere you have internet. The program will be tailored to accommodate the time and equipment you have available as well as your current fitness and mobility capacities all assessed in your onboarding process.

Diet Plan & Nutrition Coaching

I will provide you with calorie and macro target calculations that you can track through the mobile app to help you achieve your desired body composition. You will also have access to meal plan examples, nutritional guidance, tracking forms, and live coaching to help you master your nutrition habits for the long term.

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“John is absolutely AMAZING!! His drive, knowledge, and never ending desire to make you better is unlike anything I have ever experienced. And you'll like the results too. I have John to thank for a new found confidence. If you are ready to take your life into your own hands and be the best version of you (on all levels) John has your back.

Misha Gregg

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Client Focused and Community Based

Monthly Individual Coaching Calls

We will meet one on one every month to discuss your exercise and nutrition program, review assessments and original goals, address any obstacles, and make any specific changes needed to ensure you continue to achieve optimal results.

Weekly Team Coaching Calls

Our weekly team coaching calls hold you accountable to consistently connecting with your group and checking in with me about your progress or asking any questions that come up during the week.

Private Membership to the Kfitnesspro Community

Gain exclusive access to the private Kfitnesspro community for additional coaching resources. Have inspiring conversations and connect with other members also interested in improving their health and performance.

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By far the best trainer experience I have ever had! John has an incredible amount of knowledge in both functional training and nutrition. His ability to explain things makes it easy to understand what’s required for me to hit my goals. There is also a portion of his training that focuses on self-awareness and general thoughtfulness that really help to round out my workouts...and ultimately my approach to life.

Devin Skiera

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Kfitnesspro Mobile App

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Program in Your Pocket

Enjoy your personalized fitness and nutrition plan anywhere you have internet access. Record your results in real time into the app for your coach to review.

Exercise Video Library

All movements in your program will have coaching tutorials, video demonstrations, and text descriptions in the workout section of the app.

Track Your Nutrition

Connect Myfitnesspal to log your daily dietary intake for your coach and track your calories / macros directly through the Kfitnesspro mobile app.

Regular Assessments

Easily measure your fitness, mobility, and body composition progress with scheduled assessments to make real change to your long term health.

Form New Healthy Habits

Schedule different habit tracking forms into your client calendar to remind you at specific times of the day to complete certain tasks.

Weekly Check In Forms

Submit your scheduled weekly check in forms for me to review your progress, answer your questions, and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.

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Meet Your Head Coach

John P. Kempf
Founder of Kfitnesspro

John's passion is to help people optimize their health, performance, and wellbeing using a holistic approach to fitness that focuses on movement, nutrition, and mindfulness. He specializes in helping people improve their body composition, mobility, and strength by teaching them how to train, eat, and live well.

Book a free coaching call to talk about your goals and see if you are a good fit for our online personal training services.

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