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Kfitnesspro Virtual Store

All products on this page are Kfitnesspro approved, meaning they are trusted and personally used by John and recommended by him as safe and effective for his clients.  

Fitness Gears

Online Coaching

Long Lasting Results

Together, we will choose a workout schedule that best fits you. My coaching gives you short and powerful workouts together with a meal plan to ensure long lasting results. Looking for a holistic, effective way to make a change?

Personal Consultation

Say Hello to Motivation

My Personal Consultation brings together my expert, evidence-based approach to health with the personal attention you need from a fitness coach. I will make it easier for you to find time to exercise and eat well so you can reach your goals.

Outdoor Fitness
Fitness Armband

In-Home Training

Fitness Coaching for Real People

Enjoy a personalized fitness program and nutritional counseling based on your goals and my fitness philosophy. We will work closely together to discover exactly what you need to make real change in your health and lifestyle.

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